Helmold Rule

Helmold offers a wide range of rule for nearly every application for the diecutting industry. Helmold offers numerous rule styles: cutting, perforating, creasing, combination cut-crease, wave, and zipper/tear edge rules for every need. Helmold Rule is an economical choice and is available in a wide variety of heights and bevels.

Helmold Flat Ultraflex Rule (Good)

All-purpose rule with a long life

Helmold Flat Helmex Rule (Better)

Specially formulated steel for an extremely durable cutting edge

Helmold Flat Lazer Blade Rule (Best)

Great for packaging, folding carton, and kiss-cut applications

Helmold Flat Creasing Rule

Produces well-defined scores without board cracking

Helmold Flat Perf Rule

High-carbon steel results in longer press life and fewer set-ups

Helmold Flat Tear Edge Rule

Tear edge rule to produce zipper openings in packaging

Specialty Helmold Flat Rule

Wave rule and Spacer rule available here

Other Helmold Flat Cutting Rule

Miscellaneous styles of Helmold flat rule