Matrix & Counterplates

Freeman Manufacturing & Supply Company stocks deep inventories and a wide selection of matrix, as well as phenolic and steel counterplates.

Channel XTC Plastrix Matrix

High-grade 12mm PVC matrix

Channel Pink Skive-able & Sandable Matrix

Durable and skive-able matrix

Channel Corrugate Matrix

Extra wide 20mm base designed for corrugated board

Channel Original Matrix

Metal-based PVC matrix

Miscellaneous Matrix

CITO, Pace, and other styles of matrix

Matrix Cutters

Quickly and repeatedly produces 45° cuts in matrix

Phenolic Counterplates

Black Maxx Rigid Phenolic Counterplates, Brown Flex Phenolic Counterplates and Mounting Pins

Steel Counterplates

Freeman MatchPlate & Marco Medium-Hard Steel Counterplates