NEW Freeman Steel Rule Die Catalog

This issue contains 40 pages of products, specifications, images, and more! These PDFs are large files – please allow time for download.



Full Catalog (20.9 MB)




Table of Contents & Intro to Freeman (2.8 MB)

Find the products you're looking for, and see how far Freeman has come in 110 years with all we have to offer!


Flat & Rotary Dieboards (2.6 MB)

We offer the most comprehensive inventory of flat dieboards in the industry, in stock and ready for same-day shipping. Our rotary dieboard offering includes over 100 diameters from the finest mills, with the tightest ID tolerances.

Included Products

- Flat Premium Birch
- UltraFlat Maple
- ProForm Composite
- Recycled XP Rotary


Flat & Rotary Steel Rule (6.8 MB)

Bohler, Martin Miller, Helmold, and Speedi-Tear are all featured in our extensive offering of Steel Rule. We also showcase our new 14/4 and Shallow Profile Rule, new in 2020!

Included Products

- Bohler Universal
- Helmold Lazer Blade  
- Bohler ProCut
14/4 Wide and Flat Top
- Speedi-Tear


Ejection Rubber & Adhesives (2.2 MB)

We offer Ejection Rubber in strips, pieces, boxes, and sheets in a variety of cuts. Microcell, Open Cell, and Closed Cell are all offered. The adhesives featured are specifically designed for the steel rule die industry.

Included Products

- ReBound™ SuperJect
- Microcell Rubber
- Open & Closed Cell
- Adhesives


Punches, Matrix, & Counterplate (1.5 MB)

These accessories are available from Freeman and your one-stop shop for steel rule die supplies.

Included Products

- Pace Punches
- Bobst Matrix
- MatchPlate & Bits
- Rillma Flex


Hardware (3.2 MB)

This section includes hardware for flat diemaking, rotary diemaking, stripping, countercutting, and more.

Included Products

- Mallets
- Rotary Hardware
- Stripping Hardware
- Tools & Equipment


Appendix (2 MB)

Conversion Charts, and Freeman 360° information, and a list of our Locations.