Router System Diemaking

Flat Diemaking & Converting

If you make dies using a Gerber© style router system, Freeman has you covered.

router system

Flat Dieboard
5/16” Dieboard

Choose from ProForm, Maple, UV Birch, and Premium Birch-all in 5/16” thickness.

router bits
Router Bits

Freeman’s Ultra-High-Performance UHP Bits are the longest lasting bits on the market.


Every adhesive needed to make dies on a Gerber© style router system.

Ejection Rubber
Ejection Rubber

High-speed, long-life microcell ejection.

Phenolic Counterplates

Phenolic counterplate and the UHP bits for making high-quality counters.

Steel Counterplates
Steel Counterplates

German made 1mm steel plates & USA made MatchPlates.