Flat Steel Rule

Freeman Manufacturing & Supply Company is the largest distributor of Bohler, Martin Miller Viking, and Helmold steel rule. Browse our extensive selection of precision cutting rules for every possible need.

Bohler Precision Cutting Rule

Bohler Top, H 75, Universal, Universal 60, Universal 75, Extra, and Econo-Corr Precision Cutting Rules

Bohler Coated Precision Cutting Rule

Bohler Tinit & Supreme Dust Killer Coated Precision Cutting Rules

Bohler Self-Leveling Rule

Bohler X-Press & X-Press Pure

Bohler Plast-X

Designed for cutting plastics & laminated substrates

Bohler Flat Creasing Rule

Bohler Single Round, Double Round and Specialty Profile Creasing Rules

Bohler Flat Specialty Rule

Bohler Perforating, Cut-Crease, Wave Edge, Stripping, Spacer and X-Press Special Rules

Martin Miller Flat Rule

Martin Miller Cutting, Glue Flap, Creasing and Specialty Rules

Helmold Rule

Helmold Ultraflex, Helmex, Lazer Blade, Creasing, Perf, Tear Edge, Specialty and Other Rules


#1 requested tear out rule available in a variety of tooth configurations for the cleanest tear-strips


#1 requested tear out rule available in numerous nicks/teeth per inch

Miscellaneous Flat Steel Rule

Miscellaneous flat steel rule