Freeman is the largest distributor for Pace® Punches in North America with 14 warehouses. Pace Punches are precision manufactured and precision ground for the tightest height tolerances and best cutting on-press. Manufactured with an even-tempered heat-treat process, Pace Punches' cutting edges wear more evenly and last longer than competitors'.

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Tube Punches (Flat)

Tube, Decimal Tube, Straight Wall, 007 Tube and Small Diameter Tube Punches

Rotary Punches

Serrated Tube & Serrated Side Outlet Punches

Hanger Punches

Variety of Hanger punches

Side Outlet Punches

Side Outlet, Side Outlet Oval, Side Outlet Square, Hangover Side Outlet and Heavy Duty Side Outlet Punches

Feed Thru Punches

Standard Feed Thru & Heavy Duty Feed Thru Punches

Self Cleaning Punches

A variety of self-cleaning punches

Specialty Punches

Seamless Oval, Cup, Pin Point, Kross Kut and Flag Star Punches

Pace Rule Joiner

Adds strength to the rule joint for better and longer-lasting dies

Springs and Punch Out Rubber

Springs and punch out rubber for Flat and Serrated Tube punches

C&K Punches

C&K Punches in a variety of styles and sizes