Specialty Punches

Wide selection of specialty punches such as Cups, Pin-Points, Cross-Cuts, and Cavity punches for many applications.

Pace Seamless Oval Punches

Renowned strength and height tolerances

Pace Cup Punches

Very strong punch, 7 diameters available

Pace Pin Point Punches

Multiple sizes with a +-.001" tolerance

Pace Kross Kut Punches

Cross-cut style in numerous sizes

Pace Flag Star Punches

For a perfect star cut

Wagner Cup Punches New!

Standard Cup and Corrugated Shallow Cup Punches from Wagner

Wagner Pin Point Punches New!

pin Point Punches from Wagner

Wagner Cross Cut Punches New!

Cross Cut Punches from Wagner

Wagner Punch-Out Punches New!

Punch-Out Punches from Wagner

Wagner High Carbon Punches New!

High Carbon Punches from Wagner

Miscellaneous Punches

Miscellaneous styles of punches