Die Adhesives

Freeman has a comprehensive line of adhesives for every possible die making application. Choose from cyanoacrylates, PSA adhesives, contact cements, and more.

F-Bond Die Adhesive

A complete line of rapid setting, inexpensive, cyanoacrylate adhesives

F-Bond Rotary Die Adhesive

A complete line of fast-setting cyanoacrylate adhesives, designed especially for rotary diemakers

J-Bond Die Adhesive

Value-oriented, fast-setting cyanoacrylate adhesives

Superset Adhesive

Cyanoacrylate adhesive from Wagner

Z-Bond Die Adhesive

Water-based PSA Adhesive for UV Coated Dies

BirchBond Adhesives

Helps prevent board movement during clamping

G-Lam Adhesive

Water-based laminating adhesive for dieboards

DieStrip Adhesive

Adheres ejection rubber to flat dieboards

Grip N Strip Adhesive

Die ejection adhesive


Contact cement alternative to superglue

Other Die Adhesives

Additional cyanoacrylate adhesives for diemaking

Glue Applicator Bottles & Caps

Convenient empty glue bottles