Rotary Dieboards

Freeman Manufacturing & Supply Company has over 100 diameters in maple rotary from the finest mills, with the tightest ID tolerances.

Marco 1/2" Thick Rotary Dieboard

1/2" 100% Maple rotary dieboard - hand inspected

Marco 5/8" Thick Rotary Dieboard

5/8" 100% Maple rotary dieboard - hand inspected

Freeman Maple Rotary Dieboard 2.0

Strong & stable maple rotary dieboard

Freeman XP Rotary Dieboard

High Density Overlay face and back

PentaBox Prime Beech Rotary Dieboard

Strongest rotary with 11 plies of European beech veneer

Other Rotary Dieboard

Miscellaneous Marco Rotary Dieboards

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