Die Hardware & Accessories

Freeman is the largest supplier of die supplies in North America with 14 warehouses around the US & Canada. With the most versatile and extensive collection of thousands of SKUs, you'll be sure to find the last of the diemaking and make-ready supplies you need for any need or application.

General Diemaking Tools & Hardware (Flat & Rotary)

Mallets, Rule Pullers, Nicking/Grinding Wheels, Scribes, Clicker Pads & Perf-A-Type

Rotary Diemaking Hardware

Hoops, Lead Edge Guards, Bridge Supports, Bolts, Washers, Counter Bores, Cushion Crease, and Surface Mount Crease

Flat Diemaking Hardware

Suction Cups & Tubing, T-Nuts, Dowel Pins, H-Clips, Joint Supports, and Corner Protectors

Stripping Hardware

Stripping Pins, Stripping Plates, and Centerline Accessories

Router Die Bits & Blades

UHP & MatchPlate Bits, Saw Blades and Cutawl Blades & Parts

Mylar & Make-ready Supplies

Premium & Standard Mylar, Shim Tape, Quoins and Gloves

Diemaking Equipment

Notchers, Benders & Dies, Cutters, Miters, and Cutawl Saws

Other Die Accessories

Registration Guide Pins, Corrugated Fasteners, Steel Pinch Dogs and Miscellaneous Diemaking Accessories

Wagner Die Accessories