Die Hardware & Accessories

Freeman is the largest supplier of die supplies in North America with 14 warehouses around the US & Canada. With the most versatile and extensive collection of thousands of SKUs, you'll be sure to find the last of the diemaking and make-ready supplies you need for any need or application.

General Diemaking

Mallets, Rule Pullers, Nicking/Grinding Wheels, Scribes, Clicker Pads & Perf-A-Type

Rotary Diemaking

Hoops, Lead Edge Guards, Bridge Supports and Bolts & Washers

Flat Diemaking

T-Nuts, H-Clips, Edge Protectors and Cuction Cups

Stripping Hardware

Stripping Pins, Stripping Plates and Centerline Accessories

Die Bits, Cutters, & Blades

UHP & MatchPlate Bits, Saw Blades and Cutawl Blades & Parts

Mylar & Make-ready Supplies

Premium & Standard Mylar, Shim Tape, Quoins and Gloves

Diemaking Equipment

Notchers, Benders, Bending Dies and Cutter Knives

Other Die Accessories

Registration Guide Pins, Corrugated Fasteners, Steel Pinch Dogs and Miscellaneous Diemaking Accessories