Die Ejection Rubber

Freeman Manufacturing & Supply Company has deep inventories of problem-solving ejectors: closed-cell, micro-cell, open-cell, and extruded; and adhesives to match.

ReBound MicroCell Ejection Rubber

Microcellular urethane ejector with high tear strength, low compression set and superior resilience

ReBound DuraJect MicroCell Ejection Rubber

Very dense rubber for use in slots, scrap areas, and trim-breaker on rotary dies

Diansuply DS-3000 Ejection Rubber New!

Versatile rubber for use in scrap-ejection and product-ejection in both flat and rotary corrugated die tooling

Diansuply Ejection Rubber

Open Cell, Closed Cell, MicroCell, and Specialty rubbers in numerous durometers and styles

Diansuply Dura-Bull Ejection Rubber

Highest performance slot rubber with an extra-firm durometer for flat and rotary applications

Freeman Ejection Rubber

F-257 Closed Cell, P-390 Closed Cell, and Patriot Blue MicroCell

Stripping and Blanking Foam

Multiple densities of stripping and blanking foams

Kodiak Ejection Rubber

Die ejection rubber from Kodiak in a variety of sizes

Cushion Crease

Reduces cracking and improves scoring on corrugated board, primarily on rotary tooling

Monroe Ejection Rubber (Discontinued)

Freeman will discontinue Monroe ejection rubber when stock is depleted.

Nick / Profile Rubber

Protects nicks & provides uniform ejection

Other Die Ejection Rubber

Additional die ejection rubber