Bohler Rotary - Curved Crease

Folding box design and the precision of final products are becoming more demanding, which requires the application of high quality creasing rules with tight tolerances.

Bohler® creasing rules offer:
  • Very smooth crease head surfaces
  • Perfectly radiused profiles
  • Smooth transitions from radiused profile to the side faces
  • Minimum eccentricity
  • Minimum height and thickness tolerances

Steel rule is sold in coils for auto-benders, (wound clockwise CW or anticlockwise ACW). Also available in dispenser coils and boxed strips.

Catalog Number Description   Qty  
56102460 Bohler Rotary Crease - 4PT, 0.820", Curved No Notch, 66"x90°
56108010 Bohler Rotary Crease - 4PT, 0.850", Curved No Notch, 66"x90°
56110230 Bohler Rotary Crease - 4PT, 0.860", 25-7/8" ID, Curved
56111710 Bohler Rotary Crease - 4PT, 0.860", Curved No Notch, 66"x90°
56114300 Bohler Rotary Crease - 4PT, 0.870", Curved No Notch, 66"x90°
56116520 Bohler Rotary Crease - 4PT, 0.875", Curved No Notch, 66"x90°
56118740 Bohler Rotary Crease - 4PT, 0.880", Curved No Notch, 66"x90°
56120590 Bohler Rotary Crease - 4PT, 0.890", 13-7/8" ID, Curved
56122070 Bohler Rotary Crease - 4PT, 0.890", Curved No Notch, 66"x90°
56133170 Bohler Rotary Crease - 4PT, 0.900", Curved No Notch, 66"x90°
56102020 Bohler Rotary Crease - 4PT, 1.000", Big Tooth/Small Tooth, 66"x90°, Clockwise
56135800 Bohler Rotary Crease - 4PT, 1.125", 21-9/16" ID, Curved
56136130 Bohler Rotary Crease - 4PT, 1.130", 25.750" ID, Curved
56136600 Bohler Rotary Crease - 4PT, 1.135", 25.750" ID, Curved
56153520 Bohler Rotary Crease - 8 on 4PT, 0.860", Round Edge, 25-7/8" ID, Curved CO

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