Mallets for Diemaking

Freeman carries the widest selection of non-marring, diemaking mallets in the industry. Choose from Garland and Vaughan rawhide mallets, elastomer mallets, and more.

Big Orange Elastomer Mallets

New and improved orange elastomer head with a lightweight fiberglass handle, most popular with rotary diemaking

Big Red Elastomer Mallets

Durable, strong, red elastomer head with a lightweight fiberglass handle

Wagner Gray Urethane Mallets

Mallets for diemaking applications

Premium Elastomer Mallets

Translucent amber elastomer heads are heavy-duty and long wearing

Rawhide Mallets

Choose between the Garland or Vaughn line of tough tough, non-marring, rawhide mallets

Other Mallets, Handles & Accessories

Aluminum mallets and other miscellaneous accessories