Nicking Wheels & Grinders

Nicking and grinding wheels are bonded and reinforced for easily and quickly creating nicks in steel rule. Aluminum oxide is added to the wheels for longer wear. Available in widths from .006" to .062", in multiple diameters and mandrel diameters.

 Grinder  Wheel Size 
 Pneumatic Grinder w/ Housing (C-Style)  8mm
 Electric Nick Grinder – 110V Variable Speed (Bar Plate)   9/32”
 Pneumatic Quick Nick Grinder (Bar Plate)  9/32”

Marco Pneumatic Grinder & Wheels

Pneumatic air grinder with housing and assortment of 8mm mandrel nicking wheels.

Bar-Plate Grinders & Wheels

Bar Plate Quick Nick grinder and assortment of 9/32" mandrel wheels

Assorted Grinding Wheels

Large assortment of grinding wheels for 1/8" and 5/16" mandrels

Mandrels & Wheels (for Dremel)

Dremel mandrel and dremel wheels