Cushion Crease

Used primarily on rotary tooling, Cushion Crease mounts on both sides of 90° scores to reduce cracking and improve scoring on corrugated board. The 60-65 durometer Cushion Crease crushes the corrugated fluting, allowing proper scoring and better folding.

Available in four styles: black, colored stripes, Shoulder Flex, and NEW full-color. Full-color available with custom printing.

Cushion Crease - Colored Stripe

Unique colored stripes to recognize height at a glance

Cushion Crease - Shoulder Flex

G-profile cushion crease that provides "flex" at the score line

Cushion Crease - Black

Economical solid black style

Cushion Crease - Solid Colors

Solid colors with printed height identification, as well as customized logo printing at no extra charge

Cushion Crease - Trim Slide

Reduces build-up of scrap for longer-lasting dies