Die Rubber & Adhesives

Freeman Manufacturing & Supply Company has deep inventories of problem-solving ejectors: closed-cell, micro-cell, open-cell, and extruded; and adhesives to match.

Open Cell Ejection Rubber

Diansuply T-75 (F-75), 6110, F-70, 6118 (F-70P), B-65 (F-65), 6220 (F-50), K-60 and 6320 Open Cell Ejectors

Closed Cell Ejection Rubber

A variety of closed cell ejection rubbers for numerous applications

MicroCell Ejection Rubber

Diansuply RD-73 & GN-88 and Freeman Patriot Blue MicroCell Ejectors

Freeman ReBound MicroCell Ejection Rubber New!

Microcellular urethane ejector with high tear strength, low compression set and superior resilience.

Diansuply Dura-Bull Ejection Rubber

Highest performance slot rubber

Specialty / Misc Ejection Rubber

Cork, Gum, Stripping Foams, Diansuply R-86 and CITOJECT Ejectors

Cushion Crease

Striped, solid, black and Shoulder Flex cushion crease

Nick / Profile Rubber

Protects nicks & provides uniform ejection

Die Adhesives

F-Bond, Z-Bond, BirchBond, DieStrip Adhesive, Tuff-Grip and Wood Glue Applicator Bottles