Nick / Profile Rubber

SprintRubba is the most popular selling C-profile. It protects nicks and provides uniform ejection. C-profile clamps the paper board sheet and prevents breaking of nicks. Adheres best with F-Bond Medium Adhesive. Available with or without PSA.

Catalog Number Description   Qty  
55139570 D-Profile EuroRubba 6mm
55139640 D-Profile EuroRubba 7mm
55139710 D-Profile EuroRubba 8mm CO
55139780 D-Profile EuroRubba (White) 8mm
55139850 D-Profile EuroRubba 9.1mm CO
55139920 D-Profile EuroRubba (Black) 9.5mm
55139990 D-Profile EuroRubba (White) 9.5mm
55140060 D-Profile Narrow EuroRubba (Brown) 9.5mm x 30mm CO
55126730 G-Profile EuroRubba (Brown) 9.5mm CO
55125920 C-Profile Rubba 8mm CO
55126620 C-Profile Rubba (Gray) 9mm
55126650 C-Profile Soft Rubba (Red) 9mm 9mm CO
55126060 C-Profile Soft Rubba (Red) 9.5mm
55126690 C-Profile Soft Rubba (Red) 11mm x 30m CO
55126130 C-Profile Rubba (Joker White) 9.5mm
55126200 C-Profile White Lightning Rubba 9.5mm
55126270 C-Profile White Lightning Rubba 9.5mm w/PSA CO
55126340 C-Profile White Lightning Rubba (Old Style) 9.5mm
55126550 C-Profile White Sprint Pro Rubba w/ Plastic Track 9.5mm
55191030 T-Slot Rubba 1/8"
55191035 T-Slot Rubba 1/4"
55191090 T-Slot Rubba 3/8"
55191160 T-Slot Rubba (White) 3/8" x 1/8" CO
55191230 T-Slot Rubba 3/8"
55191300 T-Slot Rubba (White) 3/8" x 1/4" CO
55185000 Slot Rubber 1mm
55185070 Slot Rubber (Blue) 2mm
55185210 Slot Rubber 3mm
55185350 Slot Rubber 4mm
55185420 Slot Rubber 5mm
084813 Narrow SprintRubba (White) 9.5mm
084800 Narrow SprintRubba (White) 9.5mm
084810 Standard SprintRubba (White) 9.5mm
081521 Nick Rubber 5mm
081523 Nick Rubber 5mm w/ PSA 5mm x 700mm CO
081525 Nick Rubber 8.5mm x 700mm CO
081527 Nick Rubber w/ PSA 8.5mm x 700mm CO
55184960 Bobst Sprint Slot Rubber Narrow (White) w/PSA 8mm x 60mm CO
55185140 Bobst Sprint Slot Rubber (White) 2mm x 10mm CO
55185280 Bobst Sprint Slot Rubber (White) 3mm x 10mm CO

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